Wanna "talk to" site visitors in real time? Use free "Webchat" service!

Of course there are bunch of chat systems on Internet, which enables site visitors to talk to site owners. In these cases, you the site owner have to wait in front of your computer till someone throws you a message through the web form if you want to talk to them in real time. But you can't do this 24/7, can you?

But, how would you think if there's a script which enables the site owners to talk to visitors? "Webchat" is a set of javascript and free server service which enables the real time communication of site owners and visitors.

The basic service is for free and it's so easy to install, just copying and pasting the HTML tags generated by the service. They also provide the software to monitor visitors, which can be used for real time access analyzer.

Wanna know the instruction? Read on!

(JP)Webchat - Web site embedded chat service

Click and go to this page and register. Enter your name, e-mail address and password and then click "登録(Register)" button to make temporary information.

So they send you a e-mail to confirm. Click the URL shown and access to the address to confirm the registration.

Registration completed. Click the link shown on the screenshot to login page.

Enter e-mail address and password, then click "ログイン(Login)"

The control panel

Enter the name of your site and click "追加(Add)"

Click "タグを表示する(Show Tags)"

Copy and paste the generated tag just before tag of your site.

The tag will show the button like this saying "Start text chat with an operator" on the right bottom of your site.

Next, go to this page and click "download"

Download "Webchat Operator" and run the installer.

Click "次へ(Next)"

Click "次へ(Next)"

Click "インストール(Install)"

Click "完了(Complete)"

Enter e-mail address and password and click "ログイン(Login)"

The soft monitors your website. The visitor is shown like this.

The soft also tell what page the visitor is watching right now.

If you want to chat with the visitor, double click on the particular visitor on the list. The chat window pops up in visitor's browser.

Let's talk to him. Enter the words and click "発言(Talk)"

The words were sent to the visitor.

The visitor will see the word like this. Let's reply to him

The reply will be shown like this.

The basic service fee is free but there also is a paid plan. The paid plan accepts up to 15 operators, no-ad option, chat button customize, text templates, text saving, access analysis on visitors' IP addresses, automatic conversation starting et cetera.

It may surprise the visitor when you suddenly talk to them, though.

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