I tried urine test paper "Uriace Kc" which can immediately judge urine sugar, urine protein, occult blood in only 30 seconds

Recently I felt somewhat tired of being strangely worried and repeatedly struggling with extreme hard work and a storm of rage every weekend, so I was repeating "everything has a health concern By saying "It is not ... ...." urine test which can inspect whether urine is mixed with sugar, whether protein is not present, whether blood which can not be confirmed with the naked eye is mixed in urinalysis I tried paper "Uriess Kc". Normally this is sold at a pharmacy so anyone can get it instantly.

The judging method is extremely easy, urine is consumed over 1 second, urine protein takes 10 seconds, occult blood after 20 seconds, and urine sugar at 30 seconds. It is really good to be able to flush to the toilet immediately after use.

So, I actually tried using it. Photo report and test results from the following.
Uriace Kc / Urine Test Paper / Terumo Healthcare Information Office

On the side of the box are the ingredients and quantity written.

How to useIs like this

AttachedInstructions(The link destination is a PDF file) is like this. This uriace Kc is higher than other Uriace series, but there is only that much, and it is Suguremono that it does not become false negatives even if vitamin C is contained in urine, and it negates the action of vitamin C.

Two kinds of methods, urinating in the cup and applying directly, can be selected. For the convenience of shooting this time, I decided to urinate in the cup.

The judgment method is like this

Other notes

So I took it out of the box

On the side is a color list of how to judge by color.

As a precaution, it is vulnerable to moisture and it is strictly prohibited to have it with wet hands. Also, the open lid is also out.

I opened it.

Safe if the lid is this color. If it is white or thin pink, out, the test paper inside is annihilated, it can not be used.

There are a lot of test paper in it. This is 10 pieces.

This is the test paper. It seems to be the same as seeing it somewhat like medical examination ... ....

I collected urine only for one second. I develop mosaic from various circumstances, but it is just urine. There is a hand on the left side, and I put the test paper in the cup.

The color began to change in no time. Somehow, it is amazing.

The result is like this.

So-called"ProteinuriaEven if it is the case, the cause is various.

In addition, let's go to the doctor at once in case of a bad color. Also, even if the color does not change, it is obvious that something is bad physical condition is not the case when you are doing this, so let's go see a doctor and see it soon, let's do so.

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