'Craft Boss TEA Non Sugar' tasting review 'craft boss' became sugarless sugar tea, finish like 'tea scent mineral water'

From Suntory which develops coffee brand "BOSS", black tea with plastic bottle " Craft Boss TEA Non Sugar " will appear from March 19, 2019. Adopted a stylish bottle of " Craft Boss " series, tea is finished with clear taste without sugar and astringent. I got the " Craft Boss TEA Non Sugar " that is perfect for drinking little by little in the aftertaste, so I actually drank it and checked its taste.

New choice for "Craft Boss". "Craft Boss TEA Non Sugar" New Release | News Release | Suntory Food International

CRAFT BOSS (Craft Boss) Suntory

This is a bottle of "Craft Boss TEA Non Sugar". Clear amber tea is contained in a transparent bottle of a somewhat upright form peculiar to "Craft Boss".

The package has bright green tea leaves and a man with a familiar pipe added.

Raw materials are "tea", "fragrance", "vitamin C" only 3 kinds. Because it is non-sugar, sugar is not included naturally, but it does not contain artificial sweeteners, too. The content is 500ml.

When you look at nutritional ingredient display, contents of calories and protein etc are all 0.

When you drink it, the scent of gorgeous and rich tea like just after brewing will pass through your mouth to the nose. On the other hand, there is no bitter or astringent taste to say at all, a drinking comfort like mineral water that smells like black tea. Thanks to that, after having finished drinking, the astringent peculiar to tea did not remain in the mouth, and it was finished in the best taste for drinking as a hydration supplement by deskwork at the office. .

"Craft Boss TEA Non Sugar" will be available from March 19, 2019 at a nationwide retail store with sales of 160 yen including tax.

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