Reboot version 'Hellboy' became 'more violent and bloody' with R designation released The latest trailer

Unlike Guillermo del Toro 's " Hellboy ", the latest trailer of the reboot version " Hellboy " that was designated as R by "Extreme bloody bloody delineation, Goa through the whole work, word warming " is published on YouTube I will. In Hellboy's trailer that renewed the cast and became "more violent and bloody", the moment of Hellboy was also drawn.

Hellboy (2019 Movie) New Trailer "Green Band" - David Harbor, Milla Jovovich, Ian McShane - YouTube

In some institution in Scotland ......

Mysterious rally is held.

A mysterious man putting on 3D glasses engraved with Nazi 's hook cross.

Thunder which falls during the ceremony.

And one arm that extends from the place where lightning fell.

I also think gunma without thinking.

It appeared from there that little young child growing.

This was the moment of the birth of Hellboy (act: David Harbor ), a child from hell.

It is the tower bridge taken in England, London that was projected.

Hellboy visits a mansion in the evening dusk.

Welcome, my son "was welcomed by Professor Bruttenholm, a parents brought up by Hellboy.

"Make weapons"

And what did you get ... ...

"Samaritan" to fight the devil

Ben Demio, a member of the paranormal phenomena research station, will perform by Daniel Day Kim who appeared in the " LOST " series.

The villain Brad Queen is " Biohazard " series Mira Jovovich .

Brad Queen descends to the ground because of revenge (military affairs).

Darkness will come to London and the world.

Hellboy fights to protect humanity.

"Why do you hate you and fight with those who are afraid?"

Those who come from hell one after another.

The ground is a big mess.

Ben-Demio, who is in trouble.

legs are……

It will not be a thing of a human being.

Demio transforms into Jaguar when feeling anger and pain.

I will head to the enemy with Hellboy.

Castle floating in the air.

Battle overheating.

Brad Queen speaking to Hellboy "Become my King".

Hellboy's answer is ....

The reboot version "Hellboy" is published nationwide on April 12, 2019, the date of publication in Japan is undecided at the time of article creation.

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