The transfer of business of Kujiku Electric is officially decided, the name of the store will survive

Previously at GIGAZINEI applied for civil rehabilitation law and it was acceptedKujiku Electric Co.,Agreed to transfer business to Yamada DenkiI told you that the business transfer agreement was formally concluded.

Also, the survival of the name of the store you care about has become clear.

Details are as follows.
An announcement of business transfer agreement with civil rehabilitation sponsor

According to this release, planning and development, sales business of Kujikuto's PC and peripheral related equipment with "Project White Co., Ltd." wholly owned by Kujiku Electric Co., Ltd. and Yamada Denki on January 31, 2009 It is said that a business transfer agreement with the contents to transfer is transferred.

Based on the provisions of the Civil Rehabilitation Law, the business transfer is planned to be carried out on March 10 with the permission of the court, and "Project White" will be changed to the new company name after the transfer date.

According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun news report below, 10 stores are scheduled for all 13 stores out of unprofitable stores, and the store name of "Tsukumo" is preserved.

Yamada Denki takes over 10 business acquisitions from Kujiku Electric

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