Snack sweets stadium that does not look like a bad sweet bodily

I think that there are many people who longed for sweets houses that appeared in "Hansel and Gretel" when they were children, but it is also a fact that it seems to be bad for the body if you actually eat. However, it seems that there are some people who dare to make candy miniature stadium with snacks.

Details are as below.
The Greatest Snack Food Stadium Ever Built |

People who liked sports watching while eating snacks were made candy stadiums,Super bowlHe seems to show respect to.

Material used for making the stadium. The cost is 86.47 dollars (about 8000 yen).

Field production.GuacamoleIt seems to be using.

Players are sausages, helmets are made of cheese.

The goal post is jerky.

Confectionery with cream inside "TwinkiesCreate a field surrounding with.

I will pack more bacon and snacks.

And finished.

Person who likes junk food is unbearable sight. It seems that it will be 24,375 kilocalories when you eat it all.

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