IBM has flowed information on PS 3's Cell processor to Microsoft

IBM, who was in charge of developing the CPU used for Nintendo's Wii, Sony's PS3, and Microsoft's Xbox 360, was adopted by Sony's PS3,Cell processorIt was reported that the information of Microsoft was flowing to Microsoft.

It is unbelievable that the information on the CPU, which can be said to be the core of the product, was being flowed sideways, but what on earth is it?

Details are as follows.
Playing the Fool -

According to the book review published in the Wall Street Journal, David Shippy, IBM's staff responsible for developing the Cell processor, published an exposure book entitled "THE RACE FOR A NEW GAME MACHiNE" I heard he did.

This book describes the history of how the Cell processor is made and in order to create a CPU to be adopted as a successor to PS2 which sold 100 million units worldwide, Sony, together with Toshiba and IBM in 2001, It has been stated that a company was created to develop a Cell processor over 400 million dollars (about 37 billion yen), and IBM mainly provided development staff.

And at the end of 2002 developing the Cell processor, Microsoft was interested in Cell processor Microsoft gave IBM IBM to manufacture the CPU of the successor model of their game machine IBM, IBM The specification of the Cell processor under development was disclosed to Microsoft.

IBM is allowed to sell the Cell processor to partners Toshiba and Sony other than Sony, but Sony will sell information on important parts of the Cell processor to Microsoft rival company before PS 3 is completed In addition to what I expected, in addition, Sony's research and development funds are supposed to be used to create the components of CPU of Xbox 360.

By the way, despite being hidden from Toshiba and Sony engineers concerning the manufacture of Xbox 360's CPU which was done within IBM, Shippy gave information of earlier stage of development of Cell processor to Microsoft He said that he had provided it to engineers.

IBM completed the design of the Cell processor and CPU of Xbox 360 as planned, but Microsoft succeeded in manufacturing chipsets prior to Sony, which is good at third parties' ability to outsource manufacture As a result, it seems that Xbox 360 was released in November 2005 in a form that precedes PS 3 one year.

Problems related to waste heat of Xbox 360 to advance a year aheadProblem of optical driveBecause I ignored and released it,Very high failure rateIn addition to becoming,Results of class lawsuitMicrosoft has become, but by preceding that exceeds PS3World's second largest unit salesIt is not bad as a result, considering being proud of it.

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