A commonly used dangerous password top 500

Although it is a password used to strengthen security, it is meaningless if you use easy-to-use things because it is troublesome or you can not remember it. Since 500 easy-to-use passwords that many people think of are introduced, please check to see if there is the same one you are using.

Details are as below.
What's My Pass? >> The 500 Worst Passwords of All Time

Frequently used password top 500.

One in 50 people seems to use the password of one of the top 20. There are many simple simple ones such as "1234" and simple numbers like "qwerty" and others pushing the keyboard side by side, as is "password", but "porsche" and "ferrari" It is likely that names of famous movies such as car names such as "starwars" "matrix" are also used.

Although it is difficult to think of an original password, even a person who is not concerned about security seems to be safe from avoiding the use of the password in the above list for the time being.

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