Sony or Nintendo is a big move in the game business, or IBM orders a large order

It became clear that Sony and Nintendo are planning to make some big move in partnership with IBM.

Given that both companies are affiliated with IBM in the game business, in the near future some publications on the game business will be conducted from both companies.

Details are as below.
IBM tells staffers more work coming their way |

According to this article, IBM told all staff employed at its factory in East Fishkill, New York State, that a large amount of work will come in. The order was made by Sony and Nintendo, Freescale Semiconductor, which is in collaboration with Nintendo in Wii business, that the work content is said to cover system and technology development.

IBM employs over 9000 staff at East Fishkill and Poughkeepsie, Sterling Forest, but the manager has not anticipated hiring additional workers, and formal comments from IBM on this topic It has not come out.

Incidentally, in cooperation with Nintendo, IBM has developed a processor called "PowerPC-based" BroadWay "for the Wii, and has collaborated with game companies, including developing Sony's Cell processor and other processors, and Microsoft I am also involved in the development of the 3 core CPU adopted in Xbox 360.

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