Konami's talent leak problem is taken up extensively overseas

ByMatt Williamson

An article focused on the problem of human resources leakage occurring in Konami, Japan's leading game giant, was posted on the electronic version of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun on June 12, 2017. Konami is "Commentary powerful professional baseball"Or"Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links"While maintaining strong performance in smartphone application games, problems are raised as if they are taking unreasonable responses to former Konami employees.

Creators leaving Konami Centrifugal force of the Kingdom: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

This article has become a big topic also on the Internet.

Depending on the magnitude of the response of the article, this case is the English version of the Nikkei newspaperNikkei Asian ReviewIt was published in. The title is "The Konami exodus (mass escape of Konami)".

The Konami exodus - Nikkei Asian Review

Even in overseas media that found this article, the issue of human resource outflow in Konami is taken up.

Of overseas game mediaKotakuReported this issue as "Report: Hideo Kojima and Konami's a no-no story".

Report: The Hideo Kojima And Konami Saga Seems Endless

Technology · Game related news · site ·TechRaptorPosted an article titled "Konami is still fighting the Kojima; it has an adverse effect on former employees".

Konami Still Bickering With Kojima; Adversely Affecting Former Employees | TechRaptor

Furthermore, comment is also invited as "Does the Nikkei newspaper claim the truth? What do you think is the most disgraceful action that Konami went on over the past few years?", And comments are also coming up. In the comment section, "Damn! Konami and Kojima "What's going on between?" "I do not know if the assertion of the Nikkei newspaper is correct, but I can say that there are few people who believe in Konami."

In addition, technology news mediaArs Technica"To be reported, Konami reports on former employees on the blacklist of the Japanese video game industry" in the title.

Konami reportedly blacklisting ex-employees across Japanese video game industry | Ars Technica

Moreover, many comments on overseas users are also posted on Twitter.

"Konami is putting pressure on hiring other game companies as a punishment for former employees to retire"

"It's a terrifying place to work at Konami, and that horror seems to continue even after retiring."

Not only English-speaking countries but also French users "Tweeted by Nikkei's article:" Konami invites various companies not to hire former employees. "

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