Popular for kids, banana case of ingenious design

Diet foodAlthough it is a very popular banana, it is not a serious thing that happened when you carried it around, it got scratched or discolored, crushed in the bag. A practical banana case protecting delicate bananas from impact and protecting the contents of the bag from bananas is popular. Individual design isMOMA(Museum of Modern Art, New York).

Details are as below.Banana Bunker

This case named "Banana Bunker" is designed by artist / inventor / architect Paul Stremple. It is a product of Boston's industrial design office Cultured Containers which he founded in 2003, in 2005MOMAof"SAFE: Design Takes On RiskIt was also exhibited at the exhibition entitled "

Usage is this street.

It is 4 color expansion.

Originally it was made of polypropylene, but now it is made of polystyrene. In Japan, colorless transparent typeMoMAstoreBy 1050 yen, other colors areAmazon.co.jpIt seems that it is possible to purchase at around 700 yen with such as.

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