I drank Tully's Coffee's 'Royal Milk Tea Base', which can easily reproduce fragrant royal milk tea just by dividing it with milk

`` Royal Milk Tea Base '' that allows you to easily reproduce Tully's Coffee's popular menu ``

Royal Milk Tea '' at home just by dividing it with milk will be sold only at Tully's Coffee stores nationwide from March 8, 2023 (Wednesday). . By adding milk, Malawi tea is used as the base tea, and it is said that it will be finished in a fragrant milk tea blended with tea leaves that accentuate the astringency and fragrance, so I actually made it and drank it.

Royal Milk Tea Base 300ml|Honey/Grocery|Product Information|TULLY'S COFFEE

Arrived at Tully's Coffee.

I bought 'Royal Milk Tea Base'. The container is a glass bottle and the cap is a screw type.

Looking at the raw materials of 'Royal Milk Tea Base', it is only black tea (Malawi, Kenya, other production areas), and does not contain sugar or sweeteners.

The calorie is 12kcal per 100ml.

How to make royal milk tea is very simple, just divide 'royal milk tea base' with milk at a ratio of 1:5. The content of 'Royal Milk Tea Base' is 300 ml, and you can make about 10 cups of royal milk tea.

I immediately made a royal milk tea with 'Royal Milk Tea Base' and milk.

If you mix well, it will be a color like royal milk tea.

When you drink the finished royal milk tea, it does not contain sugar or sweeteners, so it has no sweetness and a refreshing taste. You can feel the flavor of milk along with the original refreshing aroma and bitterness of tea leaves.

'Royal milk tea base' is also recommended to add syrup and condensed milk as you like.

I added syrup and condensed milk to my newly made royal milk tea.

When I drank it, compared to the refreshing taste before adding syrup and condensed milk, I felt a sweet and mellow flavor, perfect for those who don't like milk tea with less sweetness. bottom. Unlike commercially available sugared milk tea, the point is that you can adjust the sweetness to your liking.

Tully's Coffee's `` Royal Milk Tea Base '' has been on sale at Tully's Coffee nationwide except for some stores from March 8, 2023 (Wednesday), and the price is 1188 yen including tax.

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