`` Boss cafe base '' three kinds of tasting reviews that can be split with water and enjoy both latte and black coffee

Boss Latte Base, an enhanced version of Boss Latte Base, a concentrated beverage that can be easily made by simply dividing it with milk, was released on March 10, 2020 (Tuesday). Among them, three types of `` sugar-free '', `` sweetness modest '', `` luxury caffeineless '' are said to be not only broken by milk, but also to be able to be enjoyed as black coffee by breaking with water, so what kind of taste will be finished at once I checked it.

Introducing Boss Cafe Base, a Concentrated Beverage | News Releases | Suntory Beverage & Food Limited

The boss cafe-based sugar-free, low-sweetness, luxury caffeine-less package looks like this.

The lid was written as 'divide type'.

First, let's drink ' Boss Cafe Base Sugar Free '.

The only ingredients are coffee and spices. Coffee is produced in Brazil, Indonesia, and others. The capacity per bottle is 340ml.

The calories are 14kcal per 100ml. It is said that one cup can make about 10 cups, so it will be about 4.8 kcal per coffee cup.

Boss Cafe Base Unsweetened color is black. It looks like a dark coffee, and when you pour it into the cup, the aroma of coffee spreads out. In addition, the scale is attached to the package on the boss latte base, and it was possible to see the standard of the required amount of undiluted solution for each cup, but since the scale has disappeared for the cafe-based package, pour it in the full amount, You will need to prepare a separate measuring cup. The scale on the package was convenient for using up the undiluted solution exactly and making fine adjustments.

The recommended café base and water content was about 1: 4.

When I drink it, it is definitely black coffee. You can feel the fragrance and bitterness unique to coffee.

Of course, you can also drink with milk. The bitterness of the coffee was mellowed by the milk, making it a refreshing bittersweet latte. The point of the Boss Cafe Base is that it can be split with milk or water, and the advantage is that you can choose latte and coffee depending on your mood.

Next, let's drink ' Boss Cafe Base Sweetness Modest '.

Ingredients include the same coffee and flavors as sugar-free, as well as sugar and sweeteners (Acesulfame K).

The calories per minute with sugar are higher than sugar-free, 54kcal per 100ml. Approximately 18 kcal per cup of coffee.

The low sweetness is the same as the color of sugar-free, but unlike the sugar-free sugar that had the scent of coffee when poured, the coffee scent was not so strong.

If you divide it with water at a ratio of 1: 4 and drink it, you will find that the bitterness of the coffee is less than that of sugar-free, and that it has a subtle sweetness. I felt that the fragrance was less than that of sugar-free, making it easier to drink without habit.

This time, when I reduced the sweetness to milk and drank it as a latte, the sweetness of sugar and sweeteners allowed me to enjoy a gentle and relaxed taste.

Finally, let's drink 'Boss Cafe Base Luxury Caffeineless'.

Ingredients: Mexican and Brazilian caffeine-free coffee, sugar, flavors, sweeteners (Acesulfame K)

The calorie is 53kcal per 100ml, which translates to about 18kcal per cup of coffee. In addition, caffeine is 1mg per cup, '95% off compared to modest sweetness'.

The color of the undiluted solution is the same as sugar-free and modest sweetness.

When divided by water at a ratio of 1: 4, when drinking as coffee, the sweetness is faint and easy to drink, but the unique flavor is similar to kinako, compared to modest sweetness that was easy to drink without habit Was felt.

When divided into milk and drinking as a latte, the impression that this unique flavor matches the mildness of milk. I felt that the luxurious caffeine-free latte emphasized the sweetness and flavor more than the less sweet latte.

Boss Cafe Base can be purchased at supermarkets nationwide from March 10, 2020 (Tuesday). The suggested retail price is 278 yen excluding tax.

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