Fashionable personal computer bag made from used tire tube

It seems that it is a PC bag made of recycled material that reused the used tire tube. Because the texture of each bag is different, we are targeting young people sensitive to sense of fashion as well as those who wish to use strong original feeling.

It might be good for people who carry laptops.

Details are as follows.
Features | PC Bags | products | SEAL brand

According to this page, this bag is made from used tire tube, and it is said that special processing is not done to bring out the texture and quality of the material to the maximum.

For that reason, it seems that rare items such as the part number printed on the tire tube and the repair mark of the puncture are seen. By the way, since paint is also handworked by craftsmen, because the positions are different from one to another, there is no exactly the same product and you can enjoy each personality. The price is 8900 yen including tax.





It may be wanted if it is high in shock resistance.

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