Garrigal is released as an ice-candy type bath additive

The name is also "Galigali Bath Salt Cool!" It seems that popular ice candy "Garigari kun" that is released from Akagi Milk Products Co., Ltd. will be released in early June with Bandai Co., Ltd. as a bath agent. There are 4 types of soda scent, orange scent, grape scent, cola scent, 210 yen each including tax. It is a shape that worries whether I will eat wrongly.

The main sales routes are nationwide drugstores, supermarket merchandising store's daily necessities and toy shops, and the main targets are elementary school students.

Unlike ice, price setting is high, but will children buy?

Details are as below.
Character popular among primary school students "Garigari Kimi" product appeared
Ice candy type bath additive "Garigali bath agent Cool!"
Release in early June 2007

Cool ingredient Bath additive for summer mixed with menthol. The stick that remains after the bath additive has melted contains a single word from Garrigal and if you get the word "hit" it seems you can get a special version of "Garigari Kimi Manual Ice Kaki".

Mr. Garrigali manual ice kaki is a shaving ice maker with a motif of Garigari as planned to be released at 2079 yen including tax in late March 2007. It is said that electric ice cake (3129 yen including tax) and ice cup set (819 yen including tax) will be released at the same time.

Garrigaly manual manual ice creation

Garigari shrimp ice cup

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