"Permanent helium balloon" which made child's wish as it is "balloon has not sunk all the time"

A balloon sometimes crumbles or cracks, and in the case of a helium balloon lighter than air it is flying away from the wind, at the beginning it stretches the string with a pin and floats in the air Even though I was getting down, I got down as if I had not gotten well.

Although it looks like a helium balloon itself it does not collapse semipermanently, a French designerClémentine Henrion'S work "Helium Eternal"Is a gorgeous and cute look that is supposed to surely attract children, and it has become a thing that hides the sentimental ingredient which is felt because it is an adult.

Details are as below.Pictures: Clémentine Henrion

These works work as a stylist · illustrator / set designer based in ParisClémentine HenrionThanks (30 years old).

In the paddingkapokuse.

At the top is a small hoop for hanging from the ceiling, walls, curtain rails and so on.

Candy type.



When I go to a certain amusement park when I was a child, things like balloons of that mouse that I had bought.

In addition to being handled in French, Belgian, American interior shops etc., it seems to be sold out nowEtsyIt is said that they are also selling in, and also custom-made by designating shapes and colors.

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