Impact of economic downturn, whether price increases for PET bottled beverages and canned juice are postponed

Suntory returned to GIGAZINE for the first time in 11 yearsHaving solidified the policy of raising price of PET bottle drinks and canned juiceAlthough I informed you, it was apparent that price increases might be avoided.

The background is that the decline of consumption due to the rapid economic downturn is affecting.

Details are as follows.
Industry / Suntory, soft drinks to raise price hike - FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE

According to the report of the Nippon Kogyo Shimbun, Suntory said on Wednesday that it has strengthened its policy of waiting for a price increase planned for next spring on soft drinks such as canned coffee and plastic bottled beverages.

While consumer savings and purchasing tendencies were intensifying due to the economic downturn, it was determined that retailers and consumers would not be able to gain an understanding even if they raised prices, which may lead to a decrease in sales volumes From and to.

In addition, although the raw material which became the background to decide price hike is different from what we have hitherto, although we feel a bit overwhelmed, we estimate that a cost increase of about 10 billion yen will be expected in 2009.

Although Suntory raised concern that other beverage makers will follow up as well, according to the report of the following Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Kirin also received refraining from purchasing due to the cold of the economy Considering that taking a prudent attitude, such as keeping the sales plan for 2009 as unchanged from the previous year, it may be hard to think that we will raise the price.

Giraffe, the domestic drink sales plan for 2009 is unchanged from the previous year: Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun

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