Sapporo, Asahi, Kirin to raise beer at once

According to the Yomiuri Shimbun news report, Sapporo Beer, Asahi Breweries, and Kirin Brewery, a major beer maker, began to consider raising prices for beer etc. due to soaring raw material costs.

In the case of Kirin Holdings, an additional burden of 3 billion yen occurred in the January - June 2007 period due to soaring raw materials.

Details are as follows.
Sapporo · Asahi · Kirin reviews beer type price increase: News: Gourmet: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

According to this article, prices of malt, which is the raw material of beer and aluminum which becomes the material of cans, are rising as global commodity price rises, so if the price increase pressure of raw materials remains as it is next year It seems that he began considering raising the price after the beginning of the year. It is said that beer prices will rise after 1990, except for raising due to the increase in liquor taxes.

By the way, considering the fact that beer makers compete fiercely and beer is a preference item, there are also concerns about the influence on sales volume due to price increases, so we carefully measure the price rise We are going to be going to be.

If it rises, how much will it increase specifically?

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