Prices of gasoline rise further from July, finally reaching the highest ever

Although fuel price rises worldwide, it is finally possible that the price of gasoline will rise further from July. According to the price increase, the gasoline price will reach the highest ever.

Details are as follows.
FujiSankei Business i. Industry / gasoline, the first 180 yen range also in July, wholesale price transfer

According to this article, Nippon Oil seems to have revealed that crude oil procurement cost rose 8.7 yen per liter, due to the rise in crude oil price and depreciation of the yen. As the rise is a policy to be passed on to the shipment of July shipments, it is inevitable that gasoline etc. will rise slightly by 9 yen from July.

Due to this price rise, it is said that 172.4 yen per 1 liter of current national average store price may ride the 180 yen range. The maximum price so far was 177 yen in the Tokyo Ward that was discovered by the Cabinet Office 's survey in 1982, but it is said that the highest price in history will be reached in both the name and reality when it is 180 yen.

If it goes up to here, it seems that it will seriously affect not only the households that own passenger cars but also distribution, but will eventually lead to price increases of daily living goods?

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