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Volatile oilgasoline) Since the provisional tax rate of tax etc. will expire at the end of March, Idemitsu Kosan, Japan Energy, Cosmo Oil etc etc will deliver the wholesale price of gasoline shipping after April 1 to 1 literWe announced a policy to cut price from 22 yen to 23 yenIs it possible, but what about gasoline prices worldwide?

Details of how much position Japan is in the global view are as follows.
First, this is a graphical representation of the situation of last year.

Gasoline Prices Around The World - Jean's Blog

And below is the gasoline price list of the whole world. Japan has a standard value in Tokyo.

CNN / Money: Gas prices around the world

In addition, on the following page there is a map that shows which prefecture is higher than the nationwide average, and which prefecture is lower with regard to regular and high-octane gasoline prices in a single shot.

National gas station price - MSN car

As you can see general retail prices, refueling petroleum products, weekly survey (Monday survey) on the petroleum information center page, you can grasp the latest price trends finely.

Petroleum Information Center

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