Measures to shut out old cars in Paris, France, vehicles before 1997 to enact laws that can not travel in the city

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In Paris in July 1, 2016, the law enacted by the law enabling automobiles registered before 1997 to be unable to run in the city except weekends will be enforced. There are environmental problems of a level that contends for a moment as the background that the unexpected law in Paris where historical cityscape remains remains to be enforced.

Paris: les voitures d'avant 1997 seront bien interdites de circulation à partir du 1er juillet, Collectivités locales

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In the past few years, air pollution became more serious, and in Paris, where the world's worst-level pollution exceeded Beijing at one time,Measures to halve vehicles traveling through the city as measures against air pollutionMeasures such as have been taken. At this time, the number at the end of the license plate was divided into an odd number and an even number, and passage was permitted only for vehicles, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and vehicles on which three or more people were aboard, but 2016 In the new rules to be enforced from July 1996, cars registered before December 31, 1996 and two-wheeled vehicles registered before December 31, 1999, are located in central Paris between Monday and Friday It will be prohibited to drive with.

The classification of vehicles will be carried out based on the "EU Uniform Emissions Regulations within the EU Region" determined by the European Union. In addition, the regulation itself will be gradually strengthened over the next few years, and as of 2020, only vehicles produced after 2011 will be allowed to pass. When driving a vehicle in violation of the regulation, it is said that a charge of 35 euros to 450 euros (about 4000 yen to 54,000 yen) can be imposed.

The number of vehicles affected by this regulation is considered to be about 30,000 gasoline vehicles and diesel vehicles, which is about 10% of the total. However, there are estimates that these vehicles emit about half of the exhaust emissions in question, so attention will be gathered as to how much the environment will be improved. It is also seen that many of the affected players will be micro enterprises that use old cars for their business.

By the way, the state of smog in Paris which was reported as of 2014 is like this. It seems that Paris, also known as the "capital of flowers", is becoming a situation where urgent response is required.

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