Comparison of country by country how much work to work to eat Big Mac

By calculating the working hours necessary to purchase one Big Mac, we can refer to the index that measures the economic power of each cityBig Mac IndexAlthough it is called, there seems to be a graph showing the Big Mac index in 2009.

I think that the index is falling as a result of the depression of the recession, and when comparing the graph with last year's data, you can see that it is not so.

Details are from the following.
Purchasing power: An alternative Big Mac index | The Economist

This is a graph showing the comparison of the price of Big Mac and the working hours measured in March 2009. The red dotted line is the world average.

Given this graph, we can buy Big Macs in Tokyo, Chicago (USA), Toronto (Canada) and Big Mac for 12 minutes, followed by 13 minutes by London (UK), 14 minutes by New York (USA), 14 minutes by Frankfurt Germany), 15 minutes in Sydney (Australia), 19 minutes in Sydney (Australia) and 20 minutes in Paris (France) seems to be able to purchase Big Macs.

According to Wikipedia, As of July of 2008 it was decided that Tokyo was 10 minutes in March this year it was a figure that you can buy Big Mac in 12 minutes, so the economic power is going down. On the other hand, there are cities in Toronto that have fallen from 14 minutes to 12 minutes, while some cities have no change like Chicago. Considering that some countries like Nairobi (Kenya) can not eat Big Mac unless they work for more than 2 hours 30 minutes, Japan will still be a wealthy worldwide.

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