The newspaper departs clearly, the younger age reads the news on the Internet

According to "Questionnaire about newspaper" conducted by net research service "Dims Drive", there is a considerable difference in the proportion of subscribed to five major newspapers, and Mainichi Shimbun and Sankei Shimbun are like big pinch.

In addition, when asked what media to read and view the news, it seems that "TV" is 88.8%, "Internet of PC" is 82.7%, "newspaper" is 69.5% less than TV and the Internet. I heard that the young age uses the Internet to get news, and it is understood that only half of the 20s read news in newspapers.

Therefore, other details that will be helpful in considering the future of the newspaper, such as the newspaper subscribed, the gender difference on the side to read well, the reason why we decided to subscribe, etc.
Survey on newspaper / net research Result of DIMSDRIVE's public questionnaire survey 【DIMSDRIVE】

The answers were obtained from 10231 DIMSDRIVE registration monitors in their teens and 60's. The result of what media you use to read and watch news is like the graph below. Newspapers are pulled out on the net. Also, it seems that the level of knowing news via mobile phones is steadily increasing.

It is distributed like this for different age groups, and the proportion of knowing via newspaper decreases as the younger generation ages. It is probably because it is thought that it is because it reads that parents are subscribing, not because it is subscribed by choosing by himself only in the teenage only a little popping out, probably if becoming a society person independently Like the current twenties, it seems that the percentage of reading newspapers will increase further.

This tendency is clear even by looking at the subscription percentage by age, and the subscription rate in morning edition / evening publication of 20's is only 23.1%.

In this way, the battle that bettered the survival of the newspaper seems to be in full swing, the Asahi Shimbun was ranked first in the newspaper being read the most, the Yomiuri Shimbun second place, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun 3rd place. It should be notedMainichi newspaper that became famous on the net in a different meaning due to various disturbances, And according to rumors, the stagnation of the Sankei Shimbun that seems to have raised in the company that it should be withdrawn from the paper for the first time and should be made net-only for a while.Nationwide newspaper morning and evening edition Distribution of copies by prefectureLooking at it, it is in Yomiuri, Asahi and Everyday, but ... Is there a considerable difference between the number of copies sold and the actual number?

So, what paper you read the most, like this, it is one side · social side · television radio field.

It becomes like this if you divide it by gender. Female has higher check rate for TV radio section and life side, and economy, politics and sports are higher for men.

And in the last, the answer to the question "Why are not you reading a newspaper?" It seems that another medium which can obtain information free of charge is too strong too.

"Intelli make and yakuza sells"Although it is a Japanese newspaper used to be said before, there is no future as long as we do not manage our old-fashioned constitution.

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