Please tell me all the news sites you have viewed

The questionnaire result that "Please tell me all the news sites you have viewed" is surprising.

Details are as follows. I do not quite understand that you are a news site patron, but as a simple subscriber ... ... Daily Research - 93% of news website loyal users use "Yahoo! News"

Although popular among media that can be used for free, such as the Internet and television, only 4.0% (12 people) gave "free or inexpensive information" as reason for using the media, . The reasons for choosing media were 38.0% (113 people) that "is suitable for lifestyle", 20.2% (60 people) "easy to read · easy to hear", easy to use, opinion that emphasizes ease of use There was much. Users who chose "rich in information" are 20.5% (61 people), and it is impossible to ignore the request for information volume.

I think that the amount of information and the ease of use are still first. Even the same news is certainly taken up by news sites in different ways. Then I think that you should read the original news release, but it is also important to say whether or not you have added more than that release.

So, in the questionnaire item there is "Please tell me all the news sites you have viewed"The result is this.

2 Channel news category is above ITmedia! Or, they are above various IT news sites! ...... What kind of questionnaire result do you have ...?

The subjects to be investigated are 300 males and females, ages 18 to 60. The ratio of males and females is 50% for men and 50% for females, 8.5% for 18 - 19 years, 8.5% for 20 's, 8.5% in their 30s, 8.5% in their 30s, 8.5% in their 40s, 8.5% in their 50s and 8.5% in their 60s.

I do not know until I obtain detailed data ......

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