Top trend of Internet television viewing 3

When Nikkei Research conducted a survey targeting Nikkei Research · Internet Monitor, 16 to 69 years old, the top 3 of the sites offering streaming video on the Internet feels as follows.

First place:GyaO(23.4%)
Second place:Yahoo Video(15.4%)
3rd place:BIGLOBE Stream(6.7%)

Approximately 30% of net users seem to use these sites. See below for details.
Internet television viewing trend
~ From the result of Nikkei Research Cross · Media · Research ~

Although 34.2% of net users have experienced viewing in the past month, 65.8% answered "I have not seen anything". Still it is certainly robbing users from existing TVs.

Although there are many uses of men from 10 to 20 generations and men in their thirties as ages, 40% of men have experience of viewing regardless of generation. Apparently, men seem to like movies.

When you see what kind of genre is being watched, "news coverage" is the most frequent, 43.6%. By breakdown, more than half of the male viewers after 40s watch over. "Anime · manga" is often watched in generations from 10 to 30 generations, with 21.4% of the total and a genre that is viewed secondly. By the way, the young generation seems to have divided viewing tendencies as "Variety" "Music" "Soccer" "Comedy", and older age "Movies".

Looking at the time zone of Internet use, the net use of holiday prime time is higher than the overall average. Also, Internet TV viewers said that "Personal computer monitors stick to the cleanliness of image quality" is 45.7%, which is higher than non-viewers (30.5%).

I do not think that all of them will replace TV, but how far will they grow?

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