Half of women purchase products referring to blogs, about 40% for men and women overall

According to a survey conducted by Nikkei Research, it seems that half of women refer to comments such as blogs when purchasing goods and services. In addition, about 40% of men and women together refer to blogs as a whole.

And depending on the genre of the product you purchase, the type of blogs you refer to is different. Is that the influence of blogging is strengthening by that much?

Details are as follows.
Nikkei Research Data Signal - half of women refer to blogs for product purchase - survey results - articles

According to this article, 76.2% of the subjects who conducted the questionnaire are aware of what 'blog' is like, and listen to the people who know it about the purchase experience of the products and services referring to the blog It is said that 32.4% of men and 47.1% of women are affected.

Graphs for each generation. More than half of women in their teens to twenties and women in their thirties are referring to blogs.

Depending on the product genre, what kind of blogs to refer to may seem different. On the other hand, books, CDs, accessories, etc. often refer to celebrities and celebrities' blogs, but on the other hand, PCs etc. are referring to blogs hit when searching for products.

In addition, it is different depending on the genre of the product, as to whether it is the stage where you are interested in the product or after you buy it, referring to the blog, blogs at the stage where you are interested in books and CDs On the other hand, PCs and peripheral devices are often referred to blogs regarding how to use them after purchase.

I can not help wondering why companies are paying close attention to blog reviews.

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