Probable cause of death by WHO until 2030

UN agencies conducting disease researchWHO (World Health Organization)However, the cause of the death cause until 2030 is brought out based on data such as death notifications of countries around the world. Japan isThe number of AIDS patients is increasing only in the advanced seven countriesYes, it seems that the death toll from HIV / AIDS is expected to peak in 2012.

Details are as below.
Future Of Death: WHO Predicts How We Will Die in 2030

Changes in the number of deaths by cause of death. "cancer""Ischemic heart disease"Cerebrovascular disease"The number of deaths of" traffic accident "has increased,"Acute respiratory infection (ARI)"Perinatal illness" "HIV / AIDS" "Tuberculosis" "Malaria" is expected to be decreasing trend.

Prediction of deaths by income. High-income countries have few deaths due to suicide, homicide or war, and infectious diseases are high in low-income countries.

Ranking of disability adjustment life years (life expectancy lost by illness etc) in 2004 and 2030. The number of deaths due to lower respiratory tract infections, which ranked first in 2004, ranks sixth and unipolar depression is number one

Although smoking cessation and smoking cessation are being promoted in Japan, smokers in low and middle-income households have increased worldwide, and heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cancer death does not decrease, traffic volume increases It seems that traffic accidents are considered to increase as a result.

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