A woman paying the water bill for the next house for 16 years

It seems that a woman who had been paying the water fee of the next house for 16 years sued a water company. It seems that we had been saving water everywhere, such as washing, toilet and bath so as to reduce even a little expensive water fee, so we asked the water company to pay about 1.5 million yen because we also received mental stress It is said that it is.

Details are as below.
Mother-of-two unknowingly paid neighbors' water bill for 16 YEARS | Mail Online

Jean Shaw, who moved to the present house in 1992, was surprised that the water bill for which it was originally charged was 75 pounds (about 11,000 yen) for three months. Jean thought that it was caused by the two children living together because the husband died as soon as he moved. Then Jean made the laundry once a week, avoiding the water of the toilet as much as possible, put the brick in the tank, reduce the flowing water, and save the water in the bath only about 10 cm of water He seems to have come to live.

Mr. Jean with a bill and protesting

However, after the children left home this year, when I looked at the bill of water fee again, the water fee was 185 pounds (about 28,000 yen). I contacted the water company to investigate the leak, but when I looked it up, the meter next door stayed connected for 16 years and I asked Jean's house all water bills It seems that it turned out that thing had come.

A neighbor where the meter was connected

I have proposed that the water company will issue 150 pounds (about 23,000 yen) as compensation for Jean because I do not know how much water bills I had been mistakenly charged until now, And about 10,000 pounds (about 1.5 million yen) including the amount of spiritual stress owed by the family.

The neighbor was supposed to have not paid, but I do not care what I do not pay. Even so, it seems that it is too cheap for compensation cost of about 23,000 yen for 16 years.

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