A man who had been requested to evict for redevelopment killed herself with a chainsaw and committed suicide

It seems that a daunting incident has occurred that a man who was under the request of evacuation of the land for redevelopment cuts his head with a chainsaw and commits suicide. As the surrounding people evacuate one after another, the man is opposed to eviction until the end, he seems not to leave the land.

Let's see what kind of shocking incident scenario is cutting the neck with a chainsaw.

Details are from the following.
Man cut off his own head with chainsaw after losing eviction battle with developers | Mail Online

David Phyall (50 years old) was discovered this time. Mr. David lives in the land on which a large redevelopment plan is planned, and it seems that evacuation has already been completed for the surrounding people. David has lived in the land for a long time and he was opposed to redevelopment until the end.

When David's parents visited, there was a key locked from the inside, so no matter what we called, there was no response, so he called Mark Carter Investigation Manager and asked me to check inside. The thing that Mark supervision director saw is the tragic landscape that the corpse including the ceiling is bloody and the dead body of David whose chainsaw is buried in the neck is rolling on the floor.

This is the suicide site David's house

A white thread was tied to the handle of the chain saw, and it seems that it was connected with the legs of the table. Moreover, it was fixed to the trigger part with a cellotape, and it was connected to something like a timer switch ahead of that. From the scene of the scene, David puts a chain saw on his neck, and he seems to have committed suicide by creating a device in which the chain saw automatically operates at time.

David says he believes he committed suicide two days before the body was found. My father, John Phyall, met David two weeks before committing suicide, he was acting very cheerfully at that time and he did not appear to commit suicide.

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