"Yodobashi · dot · com" has been displayed too late immediately after the renewal, causing a massive obstacle to become heavy, what the hell is going on?

Yodobashi camera's official site "Yodobashi · dot · com"Was renewed on Tuesday, October 21, 2008. In personal feeling it was felt that "It was hard to use and difficult to see, it was hard to find the item of interest", and it seemed like it was being rebuffed, but on the contrary too much display was too late and heavy,Apology pageIt is about to be made up to.

And although one week has passed since the renewal, it has not been improved yet and I am very anxious how much loss occurred in a state that I am not sure what is going on. What is going on?

The actual situation of shiver is from the following.
The departure date is October 21 (Tuesday). It began to become heavier immediately after the renewal, and finally timeouts are repeated. It happened that I was going to buy a LAN cable at the point because the "Notice of the point balance expiration" arrived from Yodobashi · dot · com yesterday on this day, but I gave up on the heavy weight. Just because the renewal sale was announced, I thought that was the reason.

However, this state continued also the next day, at last the apology page like the following appeared on the 23rd.

It takes time to display the screen and we are sorry for your inconvenience. We are making corrections for improvement. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of Yodobashi · dot · com.

Currently, it takes time to display the page screen at Yodobashi · dot · com.
We are making corrections for improvement. We are sorry to cause you inconvenience very much to our customers.

Regarding the latest situation, I will report it here.
Regarding mobile Yodobashi, we are making adjustments for restarting services.

I'm sorry for your inconvenience this time.

However, this weight is not solved at all, and at the end on 25th (Sat), Yahoo! Chiebukuro will come up with the following questions.

Yodobashi dot com of major EC site, 3 days of large-scale obstacle from site renewal ... - Yahoo! Chiebukuro

Apparently this time Yodobashi dot com Renewal aims to introduce CMS,
キノトロープスリーイントという会社( http://www.k-3int.co.jp/ )が請けたようです。

Also, since this situation is from 10/21 of renewal to 10/25 of present time, the loss amount of Yodobashi camera is
It is said that it is occurring in 100 million units.

Quinotrope Sleept'sActual introduction pageGoing to see, there is a "mass merchandise shop website", and although truth and uncertainty are apparent, apparently it seems that the case of Yodobashi was planned to be displayed if originally.

, I came here and did not think without worrying while watching the case page, I raised a voice saying "Oh!". What a popular name is "Dear Session,There is that "WILLCOM STORE" that kept suffering many users with "WILLCOM STORE". If you are a person who participated in the new product purchase reservation festival at the WILLCOM store, you know that you are aware, but at that time certainly there are memories that were very confused. I do not know where I was in charge of the site at that time, but it is as long as I can remember.

【Session】 Reservation war site realization thread 1 【ZERO 3】

Day, day my drunkenness, session

Session like [Sosson] (Mobile model board)

As the web server gets heavily loaded and in the process of doing it
The connection will be broken.
Even though things worked well, on the way
To suddenly fail.

At the time of reservation start of the smartphone "W - ZERO 3", the selling source
Online shop is very crowded,
"Session timeout has occurred" in the middle of ordering
It originated from frequent occurrence of error messages.

By the way, the old company of Yodobashi camera seems to be in charge by the following company.

Business partner introduction - Rui wind corporation

Yodobashi Corporation Camera

I have 16 stores in the prime location in front of the station. In 2005 we plan to open a super-large store in Akihabara.
In recent years Osaka Umeda, Kyushu Hakata opened, and the momentum is increasing.

The mail order system on the Internet started in 1998, and sales have steadily increased.
In the 2003 popular site ranking, following second to amazon.co.jp, he won the second place at the same rate (Nikkei Distribution Newspaper MJ).

As for the server of the core system, it seems that it was Hewlett-Packard as of 2006. We are doing server virtualization, etc. It also shows that we keep in mind the system that can not be stopped.

Japan HP Case Study: Yodobashi Camera Co., Ltd.

First of all, if you stop, you can not stop it. The store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until late at night, and the shop front hospitality and system are linked in real time. Of course the Web shop is running 24 hours. It is a company that can not take a rest for 24 hours, 365 days.
Naturally, if the system stops in the unlikely event, the business itself will also be stopped, and the management will be seriously affected. So, in order to make it a solid IT infrastructure, we have also taken various measures, such as improving availability by cluster configuration and building disaster recovery system to prepare for disaster in wide area with the help of HP.

That is now like this. It is the state of around 21:30 on October 28 (Tuesday).

That's why Safari's "Network timelineI used to measure which elements are heavy and how long it takes.

If it does not time out, it takes about one and a half minutes to appear.

Further reading of favicon.ico will not finish easily, and finally it will wait about two and a half minutes. Other than enthusiastic fans who would rather use Yodobashi, they can not wait and escape ... ....

Since it takes too much time, it is displayed as advice from Safari "Please compress by compressing gzip or zlib and transfer it, reduce bandwidth"!

Another concern is the style sheet size. It seems to be big ...

In addition, the worst case when measuring was possible. It takes 27 minutes.

By the way, "Sofmap.com" has also failed to renew the site in the past, so it seems quite difficult to become such a large site.

Slashdot · Japan | Sofmap.com has been renewed and temporarily closed

As GIGAZINE used to be around 12 o'clock in the day it was so messy that we can understand this suffering very well. By all means I would like to improve on the crispy Yodobashi more than the original Yodobashi, in that case I would like you to make a true renewal sale. Please do your best, I support you.

2008/10/29 13:57 Addendum
A few years ago I was in charge of switching from www.yodobashi.co.jp to www.yodobashi.comRui wind corporation'S blog has been updated, how much trouble it was written at the time, and it will be very helpful.

Rui Wind blog >> "Yodobashi · dot · com"

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