Cloudflare now offers a virtual waiting room when traffic is concentrated, and can be introduced with a few settings

Many people have had a hard time trying to book tickets for concerts and live performances. Under a pandemic, the same thing happens with vaccination. To make this happen less likely, Cloudflare has announced that it will be launching a 'Cloudflare Waiting Room' to keep concentrated users waiting.

Cloudflare Waiting Room | Cloudflare

Cloudflare waiting room

Normally, Cloudflare sends a request to the original server as follows.

However, when traffic spikes, some users may not be able to access the server. At this time, some people may continue to be inaccessible and feel unfair. For this reason, a 'waiting room' is required to wait for requests and process them. Until now, there were not many cases where a 'waiting room' was required, but the need for it has increased due to the increase in remote work and online utilization under a pandemic.

Even if there is a 'waiting room', the problem may not be able to determine 'when should the waiting room be started to protect the original server? Is it the situation where the waiting room should be started in the first place?' .. Cloudflare has built a system that shows the appropriate timing for starting the waiting room, and has made it possible to provide an excellent user experience even when a short waiting time is required under high load.

Request processing including a waiting room looks like this.

When using the waiting room, the settings are 'name', 'host name (pre-filled in the set zone)', 'maximum number of users who can continue to have active sessions', 'number of new users per minute', and 'cookie usage'. Just fill in 5 of the 'time you can stay in'.

Using the 'default settings' provided, you can complete the settings more easily. It is also possible to operate multiple waiting rooms.

Cloudflare waiting room is expected to be available in the near future for Business Plan and Enterprise Plan users.

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