The official name of Microsoft's new OS "Windows 7" is now "Windows 7"

As a new OS after Windows VistaOS called codename "Windows 7" which is said to appear in January 2010Has been officially become the product name "Windows 7".

And at the same time it is revealed why it came up with such a name, the timing of beta release and so on.

Details are as follows.
Windows Vista Team Blog: Introducing Windows 7

According to the official blog of Microsoft, the product name of the new OS scheduled to appear in 2010, which is named "codename" of "Windows 7" has officially decided to be "Windows 7".

This is because "Windows 7" is the seventh released OS, it was said that it was the best naming than other candidates.

The pre-beta version of "Windows 7" is "Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC)" held in Los Angeles from October 26th (Sunday) to 30th Thursday (Thursday) and "Tokyo Professional Developers Conference (PDC)" held in Tokyo on December 16th 2008WinHEC 2008: Windows Hardware Engineering ConferenceIt is said to be offered at.

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