Sony finally announces the new PS3 tomorrow, or even inventory from retail stores

Previously at GIGAZINEThe arrival of the PS 3 to the game shop has decreased sharply, and the fact that the new PS 3 is about to come closeWe picked up, but now the stock has disappeared at retail stores, so it seems that a new PS3 may be announced even tomorrow.

AlreadyNew PS 3 appears overseas, And PS3 is waiting for a new announcement even in Japan, will it finally appear?

Details are as follows.
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According to the blog written by the shop clerk of this game shop, the clear black model of PS 3 has stopped arriving already, then the arrival of satin · silver · ceramic · white stopped, finally the stock has become zero.

Just tomorrow from October 9 "Tokyo Game Show 2008Will be held, but the fact that the inventory will be zero according to this period announces that it will already exhibit11 unpublished PS3 softwareDo you mean that you are going to announce a new PS3 along with it?

I am worried about the content of unreleased software, but I am very concerned about what kind of improvement is in the new model, what the price will be like.

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