Sony will release the new PS3 "CECH-3000", further reducing power consumption

Sony's new PS3CECH-3000It has become clear that we will release.

Although this time will be a minor change model, reduction of power consumption etc. is done.

PlayStation 3 Charcoal Black 320 GB | PlayStation Official Site

According to Sony's official PS3 website, the company is scheduled to ship the 320 GB model, Charco-Black's new PS 3 "CECH-3000B" in the current month. The price is the same as the model of the past, 37,980 yen.

Although "CECH-3000" has no big change in specification compared with "CECH-2500" corresponding to the previous model, power consumption has been reduced from about 230 W to about 200 W. Furthermore, the body weight has been reduced from about 3.0 kg to about 2.6 kg,Reducing the number of parts noticeably seen during model change from old PS3 to new PS3It seems that it further advanced.

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