New PS 3 "CECH-4000" series which was further reduced in size and weight, released on October 4

Sony announced that it will release the new "PlayStation 3" (CECH - 4000 series) which has redesigned the design worldwide.

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The main body color is Charco · Black and Classic · White, and the body adopts a sliding type disk cover. In addition to the two models of 500 GB and 250 GB which have increased the capacity of the hard disk drive (HDD) this time, we also added a model that newly incorporates 12 GB flash memory as standard.

In addition, by reviewing the structure of each part of the main body and designing and designing it newly, we realized miniaturization and weight reduction to less than 50% compared to the initial model (HDD 60 GB model), and the current model (CECH-3000 series) Miniaturization by 25% and realization of 20% weight reduction are realized. Width × height × depth is about 290 × 60 × 230 mm, weight is about 2.1 kg for models with HDD, about 2.0 kg for models with flash memory.

Charcoal · Black

Charcoal black front

Charcoal · Black back

Charcoal · Black left side

Charcoal · Black right side

Charcoal black top

Classic · White

Classic · White front

Classic · White back

Classic · White Left side

Classic · White right side

Classic · white top

The vertical stand is 1800 yen including tax, the size is about 120 x 17.5 mm in diameter x height (thickest part), the weight is 200 g

In addition, the price which is worrisome is the model CECH-4000C with 500 GB HDD installed, 19,990 yen including tax, CECH-4000 B of 250 GB model including tax of 24,980 yen, 12 GB flash memory model The current release date in Japan is It is 229 euros in Europe (approx. 23,400 yen), 89.99 euros (approx. 9200 yen) for exclusive extension HDD "CECH-ZHD 1" (250 GB) for simultaneous release flash memory model.

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