13 Cosplay by Belgian Family "Manneken Pis"

It is seen in various places in Japan, and it is completely established"Manneken Pisces"But, in BelgiumBrusselsOrigin is originated from the origin of Godfloy II when he was two years old to urinate the enemy army to inspire a soldier and the theory that the invaders bowed to the wall of the bomb pile into the fence piss There is a theory that the bad Julien who saved the city by placing it is based.

In Brussels, it is customary to present costumes to this Mannequin Pedoman in something, and every time around the world events, the Manneken Pis is called "Julian Boy" to dress in various costumes and enjoy the eyes of people I am out. It is also water in normal times, but sometimes it radiates beer from its crotch and events are being acted upon by passersby.

Manneken Pis: costumes worn by the statue of the urinating toddler in Brussels - Telegraph

1. Elvis Presley

PresleyMourning for the death of the 19 th Congress.

2. CND

CND (Campaign for nuclear disarmament)Pissed in a costume with a logo of the logo, the Manneken Pis. Protested against invasion of Iraq with a placard of "NOT IN MY NAME".

3. Astronaut

Russian astronaut costume presented by members of the international space development mission.

4. Juvenile troops

Amnesty InternationalCostume of a boys' soldier who was awarded as a part of enlightenment activities by. He is appealing the reality that a boy is killing people as soldiers.

5. Nelson Mandela

apartheidIt was awarded in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of abolition,Former South African President Nelson MandelaCostume. President Mandela is also a fighter of anti apartheid and is also a symbolic figure of ethnic harmony.

6. Pilot of Brussels Airlines

"Brussels Airlines"Is the world's largest airline"Star Alliance"Costume presented to commemorate the accession to.

7. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

In commemoration of Mozart's 250th birthdayMozartCosplay.

8. Condoms

December 1st"World AIDS Day"In commemoration of the, a manly piss who wears a costume made of condoms.

9. EU

Belgian politician, he took office as Chair of the EUHermann van RompauxA gift presented by Mr., showing the bond of the EU.

10. Maillot · Joune

Road race"Tour de France"In commemoration of the addition of Brussels to the course of the year, I wear a yellow jersey "Mayo · Joune" to be given to the general winner.

11. Chinese style

It will be held on October 1"Anniversary of founding"Costumes given to the celebration.

12. Hungarian cavalry

In celebration that Hungary became the presidency of the EU for six months, the Manneken Pis - son dressed in a traditional cavalry costume.

13. Farmers in Africa

Costume presented as a part of enlightenment activities by veterinary division without borders. The liquid ejected from the crotch has become milk and it shows that milk is a valuable nutrition resource in Africa's food situation.

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