The disposal sale of PSP-2000 started, worth the price

On October 16As a portable game machine "PSP - 3000" with the highest class liquid crystal will appearHowever, the disposal sale of "PSP - 2000" currently on sale is started.

In addition to the decline in the main unit price, there is also a discount campaign for peripheral devices that can also be used for the PSP - 3000.

Details are as follows.
Affordable price! PSP "Playstation Portable" (PSP - 2000) + 10% of the peripheral device price is discounted by simultaneous purchase of specified peripheral devices!

According to Amazon, each model of the "PSP-2000" series is sold at 14999 yen at the regular price of 19,800 yen, and from 10 o'clock in the morning of September 30, 2008 to 2008 On October 15 (Wednesday) at 11:59 p.m., if you place a PSP main body and one specified "peripheral device" together in the cart and confirm the order, the "designated peripheral device" Campaigns that are 10% discounted are also taking place.

It is "PSP - 2000" which catches up with the presence or absence of built - in microphone and the quality of liquid crystal in "PSP - 3000", but unlike "PSP - 1000", the weight and thickness etc of the main body are different from "PSP - 3000" It may be good news for those who say that it is okay if it is cheap.

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