The background of high failure rate of Xbox 360 is revealed

Ring light on the front of the main unit flashes red and the operation will not be accepted Failure "Red Ring Of Death (Red Ring of Death)Although it is famous Xbox 360 because it occurred frequently, the background of the high failure rate became clear.

At one timeThere was a story that the failure rate reached 33%Although it is Xbox 360, what exactly was the reason?

Details are as follows.
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According to this article, Microsoft is using Xbox 360I acknowledged that "Red Ring Of Death" is officially a problemAs of July 2007, out of 11.6 million Xbox 360 shipments, 1.2 million units were broken and it seems that they were returned.

However, this high failure rate was not suddenly discovered, and as of August 2005, three months before Xbox 360 is released in the North American market in November 2005, Microsoft's technicians will be able to rely on the reliability of the Xbox 360 main unit He was raising a question about it.

Among the problems raised were the fact that Xbox 360, which Microsoft consigned to a factory in China, did not function at a rate of 68 out of 100 machines, and that the 3 core CPU manufactured for Xbox 360 was the initial production Of that, it is mentioned that only 16% functioned.

Also, after development, we added system specifications such as mounting of HDD and standard equipment of wireless controller, so the cooling mechanism does not function sufficiently, excessive heat generated by ATI graphic chip is discharged As a result of getting rid of it, it seems that "Red Ring Of Death" has become frequent as "solder" used for the board loosens.

The machine itself that checks the quality of the Xbox 360 itself seems to have been incomplete as Microsoft gained $ 2 million (about 216 million yen) from the delivery price of $ 25 million (about 2.7 billion yen) .

And despite the fact that such elements overlapped and further problems were revealed, I did not try to delay the release of Xbox 360 with conscious of Nintendo's "Wii" and Sony's "PS 3" that will be released one year later As a result, Microsoft said that as a cost of repairing Xbox 360 shipped so far, Microsoft experienced losses of $ 1.15 billion (124.4 billion yen) as an unusual amount for the consumer electronics industry. Something is ridiculous, is not this ...?

By the way, as the design problem has been solved in the model currently on sale, we do not need such worry.

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