Black and white photography looks color in optical illusion Optical Illusion

Before"How to make an illusion image in which colors are attached to black-and-white photos at an unprecedented levelIn an article saying black-and-white photograph shows color, we introduced how to make optical illusion, but I will introduce some works already done for those who are troublesome to make.When color is not colored I will be shocked when I see it.

Details are from the following. Please keep watching "x" marks till the end.
Sexy Optical Illusion Video

Please continue looking at the middle white spot to the end.
Cool Optical Illusion Video

This is a work we introduced before. Please keep looking at the middle black spot part till the end.
Amazing Optical Illusion Video

In addition, we introduce various kinds of optical illusions in the following article.
Site that allows you to experience illusions over 60 patterns - GIGAZINE

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