"Brightness illusions" where you can experience the illusion of brightness

The image above, actually the left and right small squares are the same. However, if you look at the human eyes, the right side is darker and the left side is brighter. This is commonly said as "illusion of brightness", and even if it is the same thing, it seems to be different by the difference with the surroundings. In design such as clothing, we can take this principle and make it stand out even with the same color, or to emphasize the impression of the face with minimum make-up.

So, let's experience various illusions of these brightness. Details are as below.
Brightness illusions to lottolab.org: understanding the ecological basis of complex systems

It looks different from the top and the bottom ... ...

Actually the same color

It looks like a different brightness in the middle of the upper side and the middle of the front side ... ...

Again this same color

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Also, the image at the top is made with reference to the following tutorial.

Illusion of Brightness - Tsutomi Myo

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