Is this a photograph of biology or a photograph of physics, or "Biology or Physics?" Whose knowledge is tested

Looking at a certain photograph, it is just that page of trying to apply whether it is biological (= Biology) or physics (= Physics), but it is just a matter of judgment. Finally you can also see the results properly, so you may want to take a break or relax as an indicator of your intellectual level or as a little test.

If you are going to try all 12 questions, please do the following.
Biology or Physics?

If you think that it is a picture of biology, choose "Biology" and if you think that it is a picture of physics, you can choose "Physics". Everything that seems to be visible either way depending on what you see.

Finally click "Submit" to get the result.

In addition, the following images are the subjects of "biology or physics", respectively, and it was made to make it possible to see the explanation that something was really true when clicking the image.

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