Report that ChatGPT passed the final exam of MBA / Master of Business Administration

A research team at the

Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania conducted an experiment in which OpenAI's interactive AI ' ChatGPT ' took the final exam of the school's master's degree in business administration (MBA), and announced that ChatGPT got a passing score. Did.

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ChatGPT passes MBA exam given by a Wharton professor

An MBA is a degree conferred upon completion of a graduate school master's degree in business administration. The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania is one of the top MBA accredited institutions in the world. According to FlyOut , a study abroad information media, the tuition fee for studying at Wharton School for two years is about 15.8 million yen.

Wharton School Professor Kristian Tavisch announced that ChatGPT has passed the MBA program final exam with a score of B to minus B. ``ChatGPT has done an amazing job of asking basic operations management and process analysis questions, including some based on case studies,'' said Professor Taveesh. I am also very good at changing things.”

“ChatGPT has an amazing ability to automate some of the skills of knowledge workers who are generally well paid, especially those of MBA graduates such as analysts, managers and consultants,” said Professor Taveesh. ” commented.

However, although ChatGPT showed high ability by getting a passing score in the actual test, he said that he made a surprising mistake in a relatively simple calculation such as the sixth grade arithmetic level with respect to calculation ability. ``ChatGPT is based on a fairly standard template, but cannot handle more advanced process analysis questions,'' says Tavisch.

Professor Taveesh said, 'ChatGPT's test results highlight the need for exam policies, curriculum design focused on human-AI collaboration, opportunities to simulate real-world decision-making processes, the need to teach creative problem-solving, It has important implications for business school education, such as improving educational productivity.'

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