Various pictures of the sun

A lot of powerful pictures of the sun. It is the sun that I usually see frequently, but I do not know exactly what it is actually like. It is filming up the surface of the sun and the state of sunspots and the way the filaments are blown out.

Also, a slightly different sun has been taken and it will be fun to watch seeing the sun changing a lot.

Pictures are as follows.
Up of the surface.

Looking closer, it looks like a very complex shape.

Total solar eclipse. With special cameracoronaIt seems that the state of the shoot is beautifully.

A group of sunspots.

Up of the sunspot.

Corona state color-coded

To blow outfilamentPhoto of.

A picture of the moment when the explosion occurred on the surface.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun are clearly colored yellow.

You can see other pictures from below.
The Sun - The Big Picture -

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