True appearance of the sun seen in ultraviolet images

The sun is an image of a mass of high fever, but in reality it is emitting not only heat, but also many more things. It is the image above that I looked at these phenomena with ultraviolet rays which usually can not be seen. A lot of things like gas are visible, but these are swirling hot hydrogen gas along the magnetic field. It is very easy to understand by coloring.

So let 's see the true form of the sun that we can not see usually.
APOD: 2006 July 10 - Dark Sun Sizzling

It is quite amazing to see movies and images such as huge flares observed by the following solar observation satellite "Hinode" (SOLAR - B).


You can see in the movie that the sun's corona and sunspots are actually looking like this. The movement is amazing.

Science Earth and the universe - the sun

Pictures and movies such as the state of prominence are below.

Solar observation of TRACE satellite

So, the sun seems to be about this even if it is "gentle".

Feature: Solar that emits enormous energy Sun 2004 July National Geographic NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.JP

In addition, it seems that such images are being observed with the following mechanism.

Publication of solar image acquired by 3 telescope

JAXA | Solar observation satellite "Hinode (SOLAR-B)"

It is a good age that such things can be seen immediately via the net ... ....

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