It's kind of hot, so I tried to cool it with "Garrigal (yogurt taste)"

It is said that tomorrow will be sweating more than 25 degrees in eastern Japan and western Japan, but already it is somewhat hot from today. I want to eat something cold like this hot, so I bought a new release "Garigari (yogurt) taste". Is this a little cooler ...?

The photo report and impressions are as follows.
Healthy, refreshing feeling with yoghurt taste crunchy!
Garrigal (yoghurt taste)

It seems that there is a case where the product sticks to the mouth when eating it right out of the freezer. It should surely be cool if it is possible to cool this.

The calorie per one is 75 kcal and is comparatively small?

So I tried out it from the bag

It's cold for the kinkin

The taste is refreshing yogurt flavor that makes this feel really cool. It combines with the sharpness of the shaved ice part in the middle and it blows off the heat with a very nice feeling. Also, it is not a strong seasoning like tongue paralysis, so it is nice to have proper yoghurt taste until the end of the last. As expected it is frightening, you are afraid.

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