Regional and limited-time menu of Mos Burger "Tako Katsu Burger" Tasting review

The Mos Burger launched the limited regional and limited time menu from October 21 (Tue). Products launched in different regions are different, "Mushroom Burger" in East Japan, "Tako Katsu Burger" in the Kinki region, "Chiken Namba Burger" in Kyushu region, China, Shikoku region is on sale. In the neighborhood of GIGAZINE editorial department "Tako Katsu Burger" was released, so I bought it quickly.

By the way, although it is "Okinawa Katsu" who is named Osaka specialty, I have never seen it in the neighborhood. Is it a new specialty?

Review from below.
MOS BURGER [Moss Limited regional campaign 2nd bullet]

I bought it.

"Moslee Burger Tako Katsu" in the white packet on the left is "Mr. Tako Katsu Burger" that is in the packet containing the moth mark on the right. Both price is 350 yen.

First I tried opening it from Rice Burger. The kite is bigger than the rice and protrudes.

The cross section looks like this and there is an octopus chopping. A firm texture also has a place to communicate with Moss' s Ebikatsu Burger. Double sauce of tartar sauce and sauce is biased slightly, but combination with cabbage is surprisingly delicious. It may be hard to eat a bit because rice crumbles down.

This is Bakuma Koku's Burger using Buns.

It seems that there are more sources than rice burger. Unlike rice it does not crumble so it is relatively easy to eat. As a compatibility it feels like Vans is better than Rice.

Three types of moss soup. Corn soup from the left, clam chowder, minestrone.

Ordinary corn soup not strange. I am happy that Kourton and cones are large for the volume.

Clam chowder that clams properly. This was also an ordinary item.

Minestrone of the taste that can be relieved as usual. It is a tool.

The last is "Oyado with chestnut and unpolished rice cake."

It contains round rice cakes made with brown rice and sweet boiled chestnuts. Unlike ordinary rice cake, the brown rice cake is somewhat consolidated and feels like eating boiled omagi. The rich sweetness will be bound to the tired body.

Oirinoko was good for the snack at 3 o'clock, but the burger is a place not reaching the takoyaki of the stall, so I would like it to improve a little more.

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