Mysterious art shooting the state of synchronized swimming underwater

Synchronized swimming that expresses various poses etc. appearing on the water. Even in the underwater water that can not be seen from the viewpoint of the audience seen from the water, brilliant movements are being made and the situation is being filmed.

The appearance that moves freely while underwater is a mysterious sight as if the boundary between underwater and air was reversed.

Details are as below.
Visura Magazine >> The Lightness of Being | Alinka Echeverri'a

It looks like lying down on the water, but it is a picture underwater.

The air bubble looks like a splash of water.

Coupled with the light of the light, it has become like the avant-garde art.

It is not the moment when I jumped out to the water, but the picture when I was swapping the body up and down in the water.

It was the artist Alinka Echeverria who took the above picture. Movies shot underwater are also released.
Lightness of Being

It is becoming clear that you can see the beautiful movement in the water.

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