A photograph collection full of tension that took inside the "tunnel of waves"

A wave with a tunnel-like space inside is called a tube and it is familiar to marine sports such as surfing and body boards, but the image captured from the inside is not very rare. The pictures of the tunnel of water which collapses after several instant are all powerful with tension feeling.

Details are below.
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A water cave that collapses after a moment

The waves ahead are scattered and the tunnel becomes narrower.

When looking from the outside it is likely that waves are caught in such a feeling

Taking pictures while the camera is standing in the water

The moment the wave closes completely, the tunnel begins to collapse

Vortex and vortex are intertwined complicatedly

Is it a sunset sky? The picture of the orange light is impressive.

There is a surfer taken in the waves.

It is strange that it is possible to see things which are constantly changing shape like this in a quiet state.

It is a fantastic image though it should be familiar to know and know.

Every photo has cut a moment and there is a feeling of tension.

You can see many other photos on the site below.

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