Various mysterious and beautiful photos like movies in the extremely cold "Iceland"

Located between the UK and GreenlandIcelandIt is a mysterious and beautiful picture like a movie. It is popular as a film location location, and the 007 series "Die · Another Day ·" is said to have taken place in Iceland.

Although it is Iceland, it seems that there are some places where nature is rich, although it is like a country that is always covered with ice from the image of the country name.

Pictures are from the following. Majestic waterfall

Mysterious color

It is a fantastic feeling

Snow remaining in some places

Is it a lava trace?

I can not see the tip of the road

I feel like I'm being sucked in.

Lots of drift ice

Very colorfulPuffin

Here are a lot more pictures.
Flickriver: Photoset 'Ísland / Iceland' by max homand

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