Water sculpture full of colorful and dynamism "Water figures 2007"

"Water figures 2007" which gathers various kinds of pictures taken at high speed with coloring water is very interesting. Because it reminds me of various things by combination of colors and its unique shape, it seems to be useful for obtaining new inspiration. Even just looking at it normally is pretty.

The method of watching and how to shoot is from the following.
Water figures 2007 Photo Gallery by fotoopa at pbase.com

Incidentally there is also a 2006 edition.

Water figures 2006 Photo Gallery by fotoopa at pbase.com

Below is an illustration of how you are shooting.

Waterfigures workflow photo - fotoopa photos at pbase.com

As a similar thing"Liquid Sculpture" introduced earlier in GIGAZINEThere is something called. This is also pretty amazing.

Portfolio Index - Liquid Sculpture and Water Art

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